Create A Way Foundation


Create A Way Foundation

Purpose: To promote and assist in improving the health and welfare of children and families in need, and to facilitate and enable communities to develop and maintain self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Current Projects:

  • Continue monthly "Community Affairs" Programming
  • Start the "Reality Check" program, with local school districts
  • Create scholarship funds at local high schools
  • Create partnerships with other local community agencies
  • Continue Resident Services programs and services at City Tower Apartments in Oakland,CA
  • The success of these proposed projects will allow future efforts of this nature, going forward in the future.

    Our Mission:

    The vision for the foundation comes from our desire to improve quality of life for Oakland, California residents. In partnership with civic and block associations, we seek to provide information on goods and services to local residents, who may not be aware of these available resources. The Create A Way Foundation aims to bridge these gaps by facilitating community outreach efforts, and finding available resources for the enhancement and development of new programs.

    Our History:

    The Create A Way Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, whose founders grew up in Oakland,California attended Oakland public schools, and were fortunate enough to earn college degrees. We personally understand local area issues and strive to give back to Oakland and other inner cities, dealing with similar issues. In today's world, with negative factors influencing people into losing confidence, we want to restore hope and confidence. We provide the tools for community members to do their best, and achieve their goals. We offer valuable information through outreach, to assist individuals in overcoming obstacles to personal sustainability.

    Our Core Values:

    • Promote family and community success, achieved through advocacy, collaboration, services and support
    • Create valuable partnerships and associations within communities, through education and scholarship support;
    • Create long-term relationships, safe, and sustainable neighborhoods, through interactions with community members.